Frequently Asked Questions

What types of photography do you offer?


I’m able to be fairly versatile when it comes to what type of photography I can offer.  I specialise in working on special events, lifestyle shoots and portrait photography. photographing both indoors and outdoors in a variety of settings and any type of weathers!  I also invested well in-home studio equipment where I’m able to produce commercial photography, which can be used for advertising or marketing projects, or for websites.


Tell us about the style and manner of your photography.

I like to photograph in a relaxed and enjoyable way, trying my best to make sure all the special moments are captured whilst making the environment as relaxed and enjoyable as possible, whilst reflecting the specific purpose of the shoot.  On any events or special occasions, I like to photograph in a non-intrusive way, making all of the work as natural and as authentic as possible.  As a person, I’m very relaxed whilst professional, and I like to make my work all about you and what you require.  


Can I have copies of all of the images taken?


I’m afraid not. I shoot all of my work in RAW, and re-touch afterwards.  There may be shots that aren’t of the highest quality which will get deleted.  Your completed project will include only the best images.


How did you first get into photography?


Its something I’ve always enjoyed, however, I first thought about offering my services on a professional basis probably around 5-6 years ago.  I found that photography and design was a way I could comfortably express myself, and I also began to really enjoy the way it made others feel when I had the opportunities to produce work for them, which means so much.  Back in 2017, I also earned a diploma in Professional Photography whilst studying with the Photography Institute.


What does photography and design it mean to you?


I absolutely love doing this.  There is so much to life - its a never-ending book and each and every one of us has a different story.  To have an opportunity to try to capture that, and to produce a high standard of photographic or design work so others can either have memories which last physically forever or to help others bring their ideas and visions to life, even if it's just a small step in the right direction, means so much.


Whereabouts are you based?


My home studio is based in Dereham in Norfolk, however, I also like to work remotely on the go, to offer flexibility.  


Can you be flexible with pricing?


Of course.  The main thing is that the pricing for my work is fair for everybody.  I’m more than happy to have a no-obligation get-together to come to an agreement on pricing that works for everyone.  Please get in touch and I’d be more than happy to meet you to understand what you’re looking for and agree on some pricing with you.


Can I pay for my photoshoot or project over a period?


Yes, I can offer interest-free payment plans on any orders on photographic, design or website build projects over £100.  Please feel free to discuss this with me prior to booking if this is something that would help.


What payment options do you offer?


You can either pay via cash, debit or credit card or via bank transfer or direct debit over an agreed period - whatever option works best for you.


Do you charge to travel?


I would need to charge if you require me to travel outside of East Anglia, but of course, I’d be happy to discuss and agree on a final quote with you prior to booking.


What do you offer in terms of digital design?


As well as professional photography, I can offer to digitally design products such as banners, leaflets, cards, materials for social media use, advertising materials, banners, email signatures, as well as complete brand build packages.  I am also a registered WiX partner and can offer to build fully functional websites, and can also incorporate and combine photographic projects with project design.  A full list of my design services is available in my branding and design brochure, which can be downloaded on or available via request.


Can you offer samples?


Yes, samples of some of my photographic work are shown here in the portfolio section of I can show paper samples on products such as leaflets, business cards and various other print paper types upon consultation.  We only have so many sample packs in stock, so we would need to keep hold of these, but of course, I’m happy to bring them along to any consultation.


How do you deliver the completed work?


All completed photoshoots are delivered via secure download link.  Prints and other physical products can either be collected from my studio or can be arranged to be delivered to your chosen address.  Any proofs will be sent to you via email for approval prior to printing.  Completed Website packages are accessible via a secure web link, prior to going live and being allocated to a web domain if required.


How long will my work take to complete?


It would all depend on the size of your project, and the time it takes to produce your work to a professional standard.  I am able to work to tighter deadlines though if required, and an agreed completion date can be agreed between us prior to commencement of your project.

Where are the products produced?

All physical products are made with carefully selected partners, whos work standards are up there with our own.  Please feel free to contact me if you require any more information on any prints or materials.

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